History of Roxana Fire Department

On Tuesday, January 19, 1926, a group of dedicated men met to establish the Roxana Volunteer Fire Department with the sole mission to provide fire protection to the Village of Roxana. After approving rules and by-laws, the meeting adjourned with the next meeting scheduled the following month.

At the February 1, 1926, meeting, Fire Department Officers were voted on as follows:

Fire Chief – H.E. Rathorn
Asst. Chief – D.L. Harvick
President – A.H. Astroth
Treasurer – Ross Bennett
Stewart – Henry Hoff

The Fire Chief was given the power to appoint his Captains, Assistant Captains, Nozzle Men, and Plug Men.

At the March 15, 1926 meeting
Loyd Davis was appointed Captain of District #1
Paul Leattin was appointed Captain of District #2.

First Fire

On September 7, 1926, at 0515 hrs – Jess Hailey’s house on Tydeman Ave. caught fire from the kerosene stove. The volunteer fire department responded promptly to the call, but for lack of water pressure was unable to check the fire. The house burned to the ground – rendering a complete property loss to both buildings and contents.

Other Milestones

  • In the meeting on September 23, 1926, a monthly drill (training) was established.
  • In the meeting on January 17, 1927, it was established to pay each member attending a fire $1.00 and to pay the Fire Chief $2.00 for the same. A ‘Paid on Call’ fire department is established.
  • In the meeting on June 8, 1927, it was announced the Village had purchased a pumper–truck and it was to be delivered September 1st of the same year.
  • In May 1931, the Roxana Volunteer Fire Department petitioned the Illinois Secretary of State to obtain a charter.
  • In March 1934, the Roxana Volunteer Fire Department was certified as a member of the Illinois Firemen’s Association.