Welcome to the Village of Roxana, Prosperity through economic development with quality alive through community investment.

400 S. Central
Roxana, IL 62084
Phone: 618-254-0345

Roxana Village Hall

Roxana Village Hall

Community Service
The following represents some of the community service projects of the Roxana Fire Department. If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Department at 618-254-8293.

Fire Station Tours
Any individual or group wanting to tour the fire station is always welcome. Please feel free to stop by. For larger groups it is always better to call in advance. Contact the Fire Department for details.

Burning Leaves / Campfires / Bonfire Permits
The burning of leaves or any yard waste is prohibited by Village ordinance, as the Village provides for their pick-up and disposal.

The burning of felled tree wood for the purpose of a recreational ‘campfire’ is permitted by Village ordinance; provided that no garbage or any type of construction material is burned in such cases.

Permits for recreational ‘bonfires’ shall be issued by the Fire Chief, at his discretion. These permits shall be applied for two weeks in advance of any event. Reasonable conditions shall be verified before any permits will be issued, including but no limited to:

    - no bonfire shall be larger than 6 ft at the base
    - must be located 15 ft from any structure
    - fire must be supervised by an adult at all times
    - a garden hose must be maintained nearby at all times
    - the fire must be completely extinguished by the end of the event

The Fire Department will extinguish any campfire / bonfire found to be non-compliant with good safety practices.

Smoke Detector Installation
Any resident of Roxana in need of assistance can call the Fire Department and we will gladly come and assist in installing a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. There is no charge for this service.

Cats in Trees
Contrary to popular belief, the Fire Department does not rescue cats, iguanas, baby squirrels, parrots, or any other animals from trees. Tree trimming services and arborists have the training and equipment needed to safely do this type of work. Many local tree trimmers and arborists are listed in the yellow pages and can perform this type of work. Most have rescued animals before and will work for a fee ranging from $50 and higher depending on the job. You should negotiate this fee in advance.

Save A Life House
The Save-a-Life House is a fire prevention and education tool utilized by the Fire Department to teach children the fundamentals of fire safety. Using simulated smoke, children learn important lessons like staying low in fire, checking doors for heat in fire situations and escaping from residences in cases of fire. This exciting and educational tool is available to rent to any local Fire Department. Contact Chief Trask for further information.

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Welcome to the Village of Roxana, Prosperity through economic development with quality alive through community investment.

Village of Roxana 400 S. Central Roxana, IL 62084 Phone: 618-254-6919

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